18 March 2010

Spring Break...

Well, this is my first spring break in 12 years.  And boy, do I have a list of things to get done.  And, no it's not that interesting to blog about (or read about), I realize.  But, I am hoping it will keep me accountable!

  • Complete at least 1/2 of work sample More like 75% of it, thankyouverymuch!
  • Clean and organize the office all except my craft desk
  • Paint master bedroom (or watch mom paint)  Just need to paint where we had to mud
  • Redecorate master bedroom (or watch mom redecorate) Just need to rehang wall decor
  • Spring Clean entire house - This is probably not going to happen. Cleaning can wait, right?
  • Get hair done Love it!
  • Girl Getaway
Okay, that's a lot.  Especially if you have seen the state of my office, the "Oh crap, people are coming over, shove everything in the office" office.

Not bad, not bad at all.  Got a lot of fun stuff done too!  I love spring break!

14 March 2010


Hubby and I stopped by the grocery store this afternoon and as we were leaving, I noticed a man pushing a cart, towards his bicycle.  This same gentleman had briefly chatted to me while we looked at the Easter display, commenting that if a holiday was invented, stores would come up with merchandise to sell us.  What was curious about his approach to the bicycle was that he had a 20 pound bag of dog or cat food on the bottom of the cart along with several grocery bags.  I said to Hubby, "How the hell will he manage that?!  Let's wait and watch."  So voyeurs we became.  I watched as he loaded not one, not two, but THREE 2-liters of soda into his backpack.  I watched as he moved all of his other purchased, including a family pack of some sort of meat - I am guessing a BBQ was about to happen, into two plastic grocery bags and then double bagged them.  I predicted and then watched with satisfaction as he hung a bag off of each of the handlebars.  I watched as he put his helmet on (safety first, as my mom would say) and load that very heavy backpack onto his back.  Then I wondered, as it appeared his bike was without a kickstand, how in the world he would load the dog food on to his bike, while balancing the bike at the same time.  But he did.  He had one of those metal rear bike racks that he set the dog/cat food on, standing on end.  While, balancing the bike and the food, he gently pushed the cart, so it was against the building - I certainly didn't blame him for not returning the cart this time! - and walked his bike across the parking lot.  At this point, Hubby, who had wrongly predicted all of the impressive biker's moves, again, wrongly predicted the man would walk his bike home.  I said with certainty, "No, he's going to ride."  And sure enough, he carefully balanced himself on that seat and rode off, adjusting the bag of dog/cat food with his left hand.  I felt so satisfied, watching this story unfold.  We probably sat in that parking lot for an extra 7 or 8 minutes watching a very impressive feat.  Bike on, bicycle dude.  You impressed me, today.  I am just disappointed I didn't even have my cell phone on me to take your picture!