30 December 2006

A vacation...finally

So, I spent Christmas with my sister, Autumn, her husband, Tim, their son, Dylan, my gram, and Cesar up in Discovery Bay, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula. We had a blast. We stayed in our Worldmark Trendwest timeshare and had tons of room to spread out. We went swimming almost every day and had a gorgeous view of the Bay. The highlights of the trip were watching Dylan open his presents and the Olympic Game Farm. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Seriously, this buffalo's head was INSIDE OUR CHEROKEE!!! I even petted it's nose.There was a baby buffalo who had his head in the window too! The Jeep was covered in Buffalo Snarf and all 5 grownups were laughing until we almost wet ourselves. Ironically, Dylan could care less. We figured he's so use to all sort of random animals all over the place that he didn't thing the buffaloes were that supreme. I tell you, I would pay to do that several times a year at least. It was a great laugh.

I took 12 days off of work, the longest I have taken during my job, with the exception of when Dad died. It has been awesome! I seriously needed the time off...I was getting a serious case of burn out. Now, I am not saying that I will be excited to return to work on Tuesday, but I will be hopefully be returning more refreshed.