28 October 2007

Thank you...

I just needed to say thank you to all of my very good friends and family who have been so amazingly supportive and wonderful during the last very challenging week. My family has been amazing, spending countless hours with me, hanging out. My amazing husband who has cried with me and has done so much around the house that I have been unable to do. My terrific friends who have called, some daily to make sure I am okay. And more importantly, to make me laugh. And have brought dinner and company. Thank you, all of you. In the words of my handsome little nephew Dylan, "I love you to Pluto," all of you.

19 October 2007

It's been a while...

...since I updated. Haven't had much to say. Well, out loud, in a post anyway. Lots going on in my head, but I think I will keep those thoughts quiet for a bit.

Went to Bauman Farms with my sis, Autumn and her kidlet, my nephew, Dylan. If you all still need pumpkins, it is worth the trip and the crowds. Lots of activities: hay rides, obstacle courses, petting zoo, corn maze and more. Oh, and of course, pumpkins. But Dylan was so tired from the obstacle course, that we didn't get to the pumpkins and they went back another day.

Got a new bed... A Select Comfort, Sleep Number Bed. We LOVE it. My sleep number is 70, Cesar's is 80. We moved up from a queen size to a king size. We are both sleeping so much better and I am falling asleep SO fast. It is awesome. And, because of the increase in the size of bed, we had to get rid of our hand-me-down nightstands. Thank god. Went with floating shelves instead on either side of the bed. Our room looks great... in my humble opinion.