28 February 2007


I LOVE NAPSTER!!! I signed up for Napster to go which means I can download unlimited songs to my MP3 player. I LOVE MUSIC!!! All kinds.

Happy Day before my Birthday!

Listening to: Do Me Baby by Bell Biv DeVoe

27 February 2007

What a steal...

Oh my god... I can not... still... believe the AWESOME deal Cesar and I got on his new desk. We got it at Office Max, check it out. We got the 60 inch desk, the 48 inch desk, the desktop hutch and the corner connector. Retail price is $729.92. Guess what we got it for.... $145.00!!! Unbelievable. It was a floor model and has a couple of little nicks, but easily fixed. They were so nice there, helped us disassemble and load. Very, very cool. Will be going to Office Max for any of my office needs.

21 February 2007

Anniversary and home improvement...

What a strange combination. Cesar and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on Monday, February 19th. It was a great day. We actually spent the weekend emptying our spare room and office, ripping up the carpet and installing the rest of the Pergo floors that we have had sitting in the garage for a year. Tim was awesome, kicking ass and taking names getting that floor down. Marc and Mom came over and replaced our downstairs toilet, which had a cracked tank and was leaking all over the floor.

On Monday, Cesar and I spent the day designing, buying and installing my new craft desk in the closet in the office. It is a built in closet with 2 kitchen cabinets as the base, with 3 drawers each and a counter top. I still want to install cabinets above the desk but that's for later on. The desk looks like it's always been there. Now, Cesar and I have to find the perfect office desk for him and we will be good to go. God I love to organize! I'm weird like that.

Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you.

11 February 2007

Monster Jam 2007

Last night, we went to Monster Jam 2007 with some good friends. It was pretty fun, but I must say, the monster trucks at the Sublimity Harvest Festival were better. If it wasn't for Grave Digger at the very end, it probably would have been kind of lame. I remember watching Grave Digger as a little kid, with my Dad, on TV. He always was my favorite monster truck.
Here are some pictures from last night. Cesar was our photographer and he did a great job with the pics.

08 February 2007

What's Playing...

So, I have decided, because music is such a HUGE part of my life that when I blog, I will put in a line that says what I am listening to now. My Space does this on their blog and I think it is really cool.

So, along this line, one of my quirky things I like to know about my friends - please post comments with your responses:

If you were permanently stranded on an island and you got to take one artist's entire body or work, which artist would it be and why? Me, I am listening to my choice. They are such a varied band with a HUGE body of work and well, I just love em.

Now Playing: Your Time is Going to Come by Led Zeppelin

04 February 2007

Home Repairs...

So, for some reason we have various problems in all 3 bathrooms. The downstairs toilet was leaking from the tank, the upstairs guest bathroom kept running, and in our master bath, the caulking along the floor and shower needed replacing. Lets start there...

Cesar removed the old caulking to discover that there was 1/4 inch gap between the linoleum and sub-floor and the shower. sigh... so, after some time at Home Depot, we decided to fill in the space with silicone caulking and then put regular caulking over it and then use a tub/floor transition strip. We're only at the silicone caulking stage. It takes a while to dry. So, this project is my job.

Cesar has been replacing the innards of the downstairs and guest toilets. Its a pain in the ass. He's done with downstairs and is now working on upstairs. I told him he was going to have to pull his pants down a bit though to make it authentic.

Currently listening to: The Denial Twist by the White Stripes