29 July 2008


Yes, it has been a while. Lots has happened. I have started my new job and it is going well. I was talking to my good friend Molly today about how it is so much less stressful than my last job. Molly said, "You feel like it's cheating, huh?" She had the same experience when she left too and it really feels like, wait this isn't hard enough! It is so good to be in an environment where not hard all the time, I am not carrying it on my shoulders, like the million ton rock my last job was.

I have completed my first graduate class and am halfway through my second (The art and science of teaching) and it is fun. I wasn't really prepared for it to be fun! It is a lot of work, but I am really enjoying learning again.

Cesar is doing good, animals are okay. 2 of the cats, Ripley and Flea are currently PO'd because I changed food. They spend a lot of the day screaming at me and running to their bowls, as if to say, "where's the real stuff?" The new stuff is better for them, but it is sure funny watching them try to relay their message. Puppy Pixie is still cute, but a pain in the ass, as puppies and small dogs tend to be. She currently uses Ripley (the cat) as her chew toy, dragging him around by the scruff (even though he is bigger than her) and he loves it (he's a bit of a whore).

Tis all for now...I will try to update more frequently. :P