22 October 2009

Up, Up, and Away...

My gram wanted to go hot air ballooning a couple of years ago and my husband offered to go with her. The view on the way up...
They were in separate baskets, so Cesar got to take a picture of Gram in her balloon (she's in the middle, in the baseball cap).
Swimming, anyone?

And my all time favorite shot:

19 October 2009

I heart....

Fall!!! It's my most favorite time of year. Gorgeous leaves, cool crisp air and fresh pressed apple cider from Bauman's!

This tree is across the street from my office in Monmouth. Stupid telephone wire!

15 October 2009

A Family Affair...

My step-dad built the bird house, my mom painted it and it lives at my sister's house. I think she might have taken the picture even.

14 October 2009

A Crazy Month...

It really has been. I started not feeling good in August, thought it was some stomach bug or food poisoning. But it lasted for about 5 weeks. Then the sharp pains set in (it seriously felt like I was having a heart attack) and I rushed to the ER. They sent me home (after waiting for 4.5 hours and being seen for 3 minutes) with a laxative! Pains kept on and I went to see my doctor. She thought I was having gallstones so off to an ultrasound, which found no gallstones, and labs, which found my liver function extremely elevated. In the meantime, I had a scare and needed mammogram and ultrasound, which thankfully came back clear (seriously, ladies - the mammograms are no big deal and SOOOOO worth the peace of mind - get them done!!). Back to the gallbladder, I was scheduled for a HIDA scan, where they injected some nuclear medicine into my veins while I laid in a machine kind of like a MRI machine and they watched how my gallbladder functioned.

So, I was referred to a surgeon who said:
a) I probably had a gallstone that passed before the ultrasound, which caused all the pain AND
b) My gallbladder was not functioning well AND
c) I have a polyp on my gallbladder which could potentially cause cancer.

Which all leads to being scheduled to have my gallbladder removed at the end of the month.

Which, is probably no big deal, but
a) I had never even had an IV before the HIDA scan and
b) My dad died in surgery, which adds a whole layer of emotional stress.

Sunny side:
a) I guess it is better that this all happens now then when I am student teaching in January.
b) I am bound to lose some weight - at least the weight of the gallbladder, right?
c) The surgeon was super nice, even when I started crying at the end. He spent almost 45 minutes with me, explaining all of my options and the surgery. I feel very fortunate to have him as the doctor who will remove an organ from my body.

07 October 2009

Hot Water....

Monday morning, it was 40 degrees out and I was looking forward to a nice, hot shower. What I got was a lukewarm, cool shower. I didn't have time to check the water heater before I left for work, but met my brother-in-law at my house Monday afternoon. The pilot light was out. Tim got it lit and I thought, "Whew, that was easy." Not so much. We heard dripping on the burner plate. Yup, the tank had a leak and of course the warranty experienced in December. So I call around and get the prices on water heaters. We've got 50 minutes to get to George Morlan's on Lancaster in 5:00 traffice. We go to start the Jeep and it's dead. Hook it to the VW to try to charge the battery, nothing. It needs a new battery desperately (along with tires, shocks and brakes) but we never drive it and feel guilty about putting money into a car we never drive. Thankfully, the neighbor loaned us his rig and Cesar made it across town in time to spend $500 on a new water heater. Thank god for handy family members. Tim diagnosed the problem and Cesar and my mom's husband, Marc did the install. And I got a hot shower on Tuesday!