30 November 2009


I have exactly one month left of work before I take a leave of absence to student teach. I am SO excited. I got my placement a couple of weeks ago and I will be in a local elementary school, in the fifth grade for ten weeks and second grade for five weeks. I can not believe how quickly the 18 months of school have gone by. In some ways, it seems like I have been in this master's program FOREVER, and in other ways, I can't believe it was 21 months that I made this decision. I'm so very excited to start this new phase of life. Social work has been good, the clients have been great, but I am ready for something new.

20 November 2009

Ode to Firefox...

So, I am a true Mozilla Firefox convert. It's not because I am an Internet Explore hater, really I don't mind IE at all. Or at least I didn't until I discovered Mozilla's add-ons. Now, I simply can not function with out them. So, here's a list of my top add-ons, ones I use every time I open Firefox.

1. Morning Coffee - With a click of one button, this tool opens a set of websites in different tabs. You can program it to open the same tabs every day or by the day of the week. Seriously, if you try no other add-ons, try this one. Trust me. I am the Accidental IT Girl.

2. Insta-Click - This add-on lets you open links in new tabs by right clicking. I am a multi-tab type of girl. At this instant, I have 8 tabs open. Sometimes, I have 20. If you want to bring up the right click menu instead of opening a link, just hold the ctrl button while you right click.

3. Right-Click-Link - This lets you highlight text and when you right click, it allows you to open the text or search for the text in a new tab. Very handy for doing searches.

4. ColorfulTabs - This just makes the tabs a little prettier, gives them different colors. You can fine tune the colors and assign them, but I just have them on random.

I would love to know what others use. Or if they try these and like them. Or hate them.

05 November 2009

Checked Out...

Had my gallbladder removed on Friday and still dealing with being really sore and really worn down. I'm getting there, but that's my excuse for a lack of posts. Cez hooked my laptop up to the TV in our room and I have watched all of the episodes of Greek on Hulu, which I have enjoyed for the silly, harmless, college flashback that it is. And it makes me glad I didn't attend a school with a greek system. Not my thing.