08 May 2010

A Vacation, Day 1...

On our 5th anniversary, we went to Seattle for a long weekend and stayed downtown.  It continues to be one of our most treasured memories.  At that time, we swore we would do something big for our 10th.  Well, the 10th anniversary was in February, when I was in the middle of student teaching (read: no paychecks!).  So, we compromised our plan trip to Hawaii in June and settled for something more reasonable (and appealed to my fear of flying - near plane crash - that's a story for another post).  We booked 5 days at Eagle Crest outside of Redmond, OR.  Its always been one of our favorite spots and it seemed like a nice, relaxing place to celebrate both our 10th anniversary and the completion of my master's program.

Since Cesar had to work both Sunday and Monday, I drove over Sunday by myself.  This drive proved to me how much I really am my father's daughter.  Growing up, we took lots of road trips.  Mom always wanted to stop at every little place along the way.  Dad, who always drove wanted to just get there.  It was about making it to our destination.  And I found myself fighting this very urge all the way to Sisters.  It was a gorgeous day and drive and I had to fight that DNA every time I pulled over to take a picture.

Detroit Lake from Mongold Day Use Park

The road to Detroit is full of very fond memories for me.  My dad painstakingly restored a jet boat when I was a kid and our family time was spent driving to Detroit either for the day or to camp many times throughout the summer.  The drive reminded me of some wonderful times with my family and had me smiling with memories of my dad.

A not quite full Detroit Lake with Mt. Jefferson in the background.

The boat dock, in Detroit.  Docked at many times in my youth: